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Upcoming free classes …

Tomorrow, Wednesday, February 24 is the first of a series of three free classes encompassing the most common themes that show up at my office. Many people come in after injuries or with a chronic condition only to discover that there is a whole-body factor involved.

Breathe better and suddenly your torso is more stable and your traps relax for the first time in a decade; start being more aware of how you hold your posture – your pelvis and your knees – and oh wow, your feet hurt much less often now.


I wanted to share the information I teach in a free class format, so anyone interested can hop in and see for themselves if my work has a new key to health and function, a factor they were missing before, or plain simple: “no one told me”.

Whether you are dealing with a health challenge of your own or helping a loved one on the path of becoming whole and well again, these three topics are for you.

There is still some space for the event tomorrow, and only one spot left for the Foot Pain class. All classes start at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesdays.

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