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Upcoming free classes …

Tomorrow, Wednesday, February 24 is the first of a series of three free classes encompassing the most common themes that show up at my office. Many people come in after injuries or with a chronic condition only to discover that there is a whole-body factor involved.

Breathe better and suddenly your torso is more stable and your traps relax for the first time in a decade; start being more aware of how you hold your posture – your pelvis and your knees – and oh wow, your feet hurt much less often now.


I wanted to share the information I teach in a free class format, so anyone interested can hop in and see for themselves if my work has a new key to health and function, a factor they were missing before, or plain simple: “no one told me”.

Whether you are dealing with a health challenge of your own or helping a loved one on the path of becoming whole and well again, these three topics are for you.

There is still some space for the event tomorrow, and only one spot left for the Foot Pain class. All classes start at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesdays.

free wshop

Email me at or call me with any questions at 949 429 9800 🙂

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4 weeks to conquer stress workshop series


I’ve been working hard on bringing you content in a way that is easy to digest, yet fun and engaging. I find that workshops in the past have helped many of my clients solidify knowledge, develop new skills and walk away with the confidence that they can apply those skills right away.

We all have stress, sometimes it feels like the daily pace of life overwhelms even the most resilient of us. We are fortunate to live in a time when we understand how to live a balanced life better and better. Expecting to perform daily, meet your own needs and needs of others, keep up with work, and on top of it, prepare and be ready for the holidays with all they add to our schedules, can really make us want to throw our hands in the air.

Now is the perfect time to start a practice of stress reduction. You don’t need to figure anything out on your own. I have developed a thorough and rich curriculum. Over 4 weeks, we will meet once a week and practice skills of relaxation, mindfulness, balancing exercises and simple techniques to help you feel in control of your days, so you can be yourself and enjoy the coming season to its fullest!

For a full description of the course, check out the file below. I have a few spots still open, so RSVP today!

4 Weeks to Conquer Stress

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Osteoporosis workshop take-aways


bones in the wrist get weak when all we do is type…

Workshops are my favorite way to teach alignment content : between sharing personal stories and good laughs and helping each other out with exercise technique, the information quickly becomes a part of our movement systems and we leave ready to apply it and reap the benefits.

This particular Saturday the weather was extra gloomy so we were all glad to be inside, cozy and ready to stretch and move well.

We started by sharing what everyone knows about osteoporosis: some of the words that came up were: vitamin D, Calcium, weight-bearing, Diet, walking, kyphosis, age, genetics, sports, teenagers, estrogen, menopause.  I am sure you’ve heard those words and even read whole articles and books about them.

While I pride myself on having some of the smartest and brightest students, one common factor eludes everyone: nutrition is not enough, one has to move in specific ways in order to strengthen bones where bones need it. And no, weight bearing does not mean walking with weights in your hands.

Enter Whole Body Alignment – the system that Restorative Exercise Specialists, like me, teach. It’s a very gentle way to reestablish relationships between muscles, joints and bones and allow the body to benefit from walking and other natural movement.

I’m sharing some of the most vital points we made during the session:

1. Stacking your body vertically and practicing whole body aligned walking is a great way to optimize bone loading without stress to the system. Spend as much of your sitting, standing and walking time vertically aligned – hip over ankles, chest over hips, head over shoulders.

2. It’s important to know your sites – for hip, wrist or spine (ribs) choose exercises appropriately. Walking will positively affect the whole body.

3. Eat plenty of veggies with your protein.

4. When you choose supplements look for one that contains K2 and D 3 alongside your Calcium/Magnesium. There are a number of K2/D3 combinations on the market you can take alongside your Calcium/Magnesium. Remember to count on food before supplements to get what you need.  For more information on vitamins and minerals, check Vitamin K2 interview with Kate Bleue

5. Practice your alignment exercises daily. Start with the calf stretch as you can do it anywhere and multiple times a day.

From how we stand to how we walk, to the types of shoes we choose, we have so much power to optimize our cellular health. The ladies who started with me last week are already moving better. Now waiting for those DEXA results to come back and rejoice!

have a great day and move well:


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Build your bones workshop May 24

What are the most common sites with low bone density in the body? Ribs, wrists, hips, spine.


In recent months I have seen a number of middle ages clients who got injured doing well intended but improperly planned exercise in the gym, mostly trying to do ”weight bearing” activities to reverse or prevent bone loss.

When you think of ”weight bearing” you may naturally think of lifting weights, but honestly, how much exercise can you do in a week? How much energy do you have for it and are you really loading the sites that need strengthening?

You can read all about Wolff’s law here, but in short, bones respond to specific loads, not just any load.

I invite you to learn more and do more to preserve your bones on May 24, at 10:00 a.m. We will spend a little over 2 hours covering some basic principles of bone loading, as well as learning specific exercises that will help you prevent and reverse bone loss.

I only have a few spots open, so you can call me or write me to save your spot.

You can see the build your bones workshop brochure here for further information!

I look forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks, until then, move well 🙂



A quick announcement on a new workshop series

Can you believe it’s almost December? With two months left before the beginning of the New Year, most people are shopping around for personal trainers, weight loss programs, or if they are not, they are waiting for January to kick them into action so they pick up their exercise program and start eating well again.

When it comes to weight loss and maintaining optimal weight, people use all sorts of tools and tricks to keep their metabolism up – from intense exercise a few times a week to using special foods and supplements to keep their inner ”furnace” going.

Yet, day in and day out, many are frustrated that they don’t get results or that they feel stuck no matter what they do.

I daily talk to clients about how the choices they make in using their body in daily life can have a powerful effect on their metabolic rate.  Choosing specific positions, postures, developing tension habits, or employing certain exercise techniques can actually be standing in the way of optimizing their metabolism.

A couple of my clients suggested that I present this information and teach it more in depth – and my favorite way to do that is in group format. Beginning Nov 20, you will spend the month before Christmas educating yourself on the power of whole body alignment and how you can use it to power up your weight loss plan or to maintain optimal metabolic levels.

There is no better time to educate yourself about the power of movement. There are simple adjustments to your daily activities and they way you connect with your body that can make a huge difference if your goal is to shed some weight or simply to fit in a favorite pair of jeans.

To learn more about this event please read the flyer here!

Thank you, and move well!


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Upcoming workshop – The Pain Free Office

Are you one of those few lucky people who works walking, climbing, rolling, ducking, diving, chopping, carrying, then resting, digesting, sleeping, savoring the break and going at it again? Are you one to change 50 postures throughout your day?

If not, you are probably stuck in a chair, or in the best case, on a Swiss ball or ergonomic chair, in front of a screen, for many hours of your day…

If that’s you, you need to inspect how you are sitting, because the way you posture yourself can determine how your body feels and performs. We can argue all day about the benefits of a stand up workstation, but if you are posturing yourself poorly there as well, there is little benefit to making that lifestyle change.

In just two short weeks I am teaching a free workshop on how to stand, sit and move in your modern office, and if you are in the Orange County area, I would love to see you there! In the meantime, watch this short video we shot a few months ago and start to understand how important alignment is to your health and performance!