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Stress relief workshop coming up


This is my favorite time of year – a time to look back, learn from the past year, take what we like with us, and leave what no longer serves us behind. It’s also my favorite time to spend extra hours learning from my body, connecting with my senses and relieving the accumulated stress.

For some of my clients the holidays bring up a lot of triggers – shopping, traveling, family, errands, expectations can all pile up to create experiences that make us dread the business of the season. It’s easy to reconnect with the body and experience the blessings of the season if we have the right skill and frame of mind.

So, on December 19, we will meet for a 2 hour stress relief workshop. The workshop will cover basic self regulation techniques, which will help you feel more relaxed, present, open to communicate and experience joy.

We will do it in nature, as nature is such a powerful teacher and is always there to support us in our explorations.

The workshop will be fun, educational and very practical.

Please call me at 949 429 9800 or email me at to reserve a spot.

Cost: $45 if paid before December 12, $60 at the event

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Enjoy the blessings of the day!


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Holiday Gift Certificates now in

It’s that time of year again. What do you get the person who has everything? Roland and I over at Eat Well Move Well write a yearly holiday gift suggestion post, where we share the best ideas in health and fitness – from tools to books!

I am offering gift certificates too! Nothing beats the experience of movement and education all wrapped in one! You know that at MOVEWELL STUDIO my goal is to give you not only the ability to move better in your body, but also to understand it better and to be a wiser steward to it.

Whether your friends and family need to improve posture or breathing, or they are looking to get more balance and strength, or beat nagging chronic pain, you can give them a beautifully wrapped gift certificate to see me. Perfect for your kids coming home for the holidays too!

gift certificate

Your friends and family live too far? I offer video sessions through Skype and all the services excluding NKT® can be used over the Internet!

All gift certificates can be redeemed through spring, so your gift can keep your loved ones warm for months!

If you have a special request, such as a group session or a workshop on a special topic, I will custom make a certificate for you at 30% off the regular price, so I get to contribute to your gift giving too!

Wishing you active, happy and joyful holidays!

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This is how we walk

walking group Rancho Santa Margarita

We’ve been talking about starting a walking group for a while now. Since we now live a few minutes from three fantastic walking locations, we decided it’s time to share our Saturday walk with clients and friends.

We started this free group to actively share one of our core beliefs – that walking is a God given right and we should all walk. Barring health obstacles, everyone who can put one foot in front of the other should be getting a significant amount of walking.

And not just any walking. Walking with friends, walking in a nature, walking with good form, all help maintain the many complex aspects of what comprises our vibrant health.

The next date for our walks is already set and it’s in my newsletter. If you don’t get that regularly, you can click the big blue envelope on the top right and subscribe.

In the meantime, enjoy your walks and see you on November 22, at 9 a.m. at the top of O’Neill Park at Montana and Danta, in RSM, CA.

Peace and move well 🙂


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4 weeks to conquer stress workshop series


I’ve been working hard on bringing you content in a way that is easy to digest, yet fun and engaging. I find that workshops in the past have helped many of my clients solidify knowledge, develop new skills and walk away with the confidence that they can apply those skills right away.

We all have stress, sometimes it feels like the daily pace of life overwhelms even the most resilient of us. We are fortunate to live in a time when we understand how to live a balanced life better and better. Expecting to perform daily, meet your own needs and needs of others, keep up with work, and on top of it, prepare and be ready for the holidays with all they add to our schedules, can really make us want to throw our hands in the air.

Now is the perfect time to start a practice of stress reduction. You don’t need to figure anything out on your own. I have developed a thorough and rich curriculum. Over 4 weeks, we will meet once a week and practice skills of relaxation, mindfulness, balancing exercises and simple techniques to help you feel in control of your days, so you can be yourself and enjoy the coming season to its fullest!

For a full description of the course, check out the file below. I have a few spots still open, so RSVP today!

4 Weeks to Conquer Stress