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Галина Дензел

” Galina is an amazing professional. I have struggled with different physical abilities all my life due to scoliosis and other health issues. In the 4 months that I have worked with her my body is more functional than it has ever been in the last 30 years!! I have done so many different alternative treatments that have never made me feel the way her training has. She is precise and highly educational in which every visit is tailored just for me. Her knowledge of the body and the application of it to her clients is the best around. I am very very critical of the care I receive in every arena and Galina is a Perfect 10!”

Jeanne C.

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”Galina offers a colossal treasure trove of expertise on fitness, exercise physiology and posture correction. She is by far the most diligent and knowledgeable  trainer I’ve ever worked with as she takes the time to really assess your current posture, gait and any structural abnormalities you may have, and then customizes a program to restore optimal  function and movement.She has come to my rescue many times for a petulant sore shoulder that gets triggered every now and then and she innately knows how to restore function. Galya offers a unique blend of intellect and heart-centered approach that is unlike any  trainer that I know.”

Rupina M.


”Galina is an extraordinary trainer and person. I lost 60 pounds over a period of 3 years, and it was her advice near the end that allowed me to shed the last 15 that I had been battling for over a year. It wasn’t just a question of the weight–her advice allowed me to find a training style that worked for me and literally revolutionized my body.  My posture is better, my body is more balanced. Every time I have had some sort of nagging pain or problem she has figured it out and helped me fix it. For instance, I suffered from sciatica for 10 years and she gave me simple exercises that fixed it in 3 days. No exaggeration. Galina is not just a talented trainer, she is a caring person who will help you to feel really great about yourself–important if you’re battling weight and body image as I did for decades. I would recommend Galya’s training to anyone. She is the best.”

Elisabeth W.

Galina Denzel spinal alignment workshop

“Galina will provide tremendous value in your life. One session with her and my whole body and my understanding of self was altered for the better. It was like a literal and figurative “straightening out” that I had spent many months trying to achieve before I met Galina. Galina has an immense amount of experience and trainings that she brings to bear but, even more to the point, she has wisdom. Her classes are grounded, powerful, playful and wildly useful and you’ll be doing yourself a great service by enlisting her privately for those particular sticky issues that have their roots in both mind and body.”


Hi, and welcome to my home online. I hope this first step in learning about my work will inspire you to search for more of my online offerings, such as courses or books, or come and see me in person in my studio in Orange County, CA.

It is my honor to touch the lives of my students and support them to get out of pain, move well and feel great.

I have dedicated my life to deepening my knowledge of the human body and how movement becomes a doorway to better physical function, a healthy mind and a source of resiliency to help us through difficult times.

I started my path in my early 20s as a personal trainer. Over time I got more and more involved in learning  and practicing different therapeutic approaches to movement. I have grown to hold a broad and holistic view of what causes and heals pain, how to approach complex scenarios and challenges where movement has been compromised because of injury, trauma or disease and how to bring life and self-healing back to everyone who steps through my door. 

My mission is to give you an owner’s manual to your body and to teach you how to move for health, function and longevity. In my work with you I may use different approaches – each person is unique and requires their own tailored program and pacing. 

It is my deep and true belief that the human body has an endless physical potential for healing, but we need to work with the body, not against it. In our work, we will address your habits, your beliefs, improve and build new skills and get you the freedom of movement you are naturally capable of. We will examine your environment and take specific steps so you are back in charge of your destiny. 

My  passion is to answer your questions, analyze and understand your goals, carry out state of the art assessments and match the body you have now with the program that’s right for you so you can have the body you want to have and enjoy the life you deserve to live!

Are you ready? Shoot me an email at to book a 20 minute free discovery call that will let you know whether working with me live or via Skype sessions is right for you!

Want to learn more about my skills and education? 


Nutritious Movement / Restorative Exercise is a holistic system, a bio-mechanical approach to health prevention that rests on the principles of geometry, biology and physics. In our work, you will quickly learn that you can’t argue with gravity and that most human conditions of pain and dysfunction have a biomechanical component – one that you have complete ownership of, and one you can choose to change. Through gentle exercise you will achieve better whole body alignment and use walking and natural movement to enjoy health and freedom again. Whether your goal is to conquer a physical challenge or to perform better at your chosen sport, I can be a valuable resource in determining what are the right exercises, programs and habits you should practice.

To learn more about Nutritious Movement – head over here!

We joke that to be a good body worker, you must first major in a completely unrelated field. I did British and American studies, a fancy mix of linguistics, literature and culture. Even though my mind loved it, my spirit wanted to help people heal. Below you can see more of the modalities I am trained in. 

Somatic Experiencing ® –  This deeply scientific psychobiological approach to working with the body uncovers the hidden traumatic sources of disease and reintegrates the mind and the body for a pain free and full life. The body remembers adverse experiences and even years after shock trauma, such as a car accident, a fall, a sudden loss, you may be holding on to tension patterns that helped you cope back then, yet hinder healing now. I am also in my final months of training in Touch Skills for trauma therapists – a gentle companion to SE therapy, using touch to help the nervous system regulate. 

Nutritious Movement/Restorative Exercise – a holistic approach to treating pain and mechanical dysfunction, it introduces gentle stretching and stabilizing exercises to align the skeleton. Amazing for those of you who want to improve posture or have chronic ailments, such as low back pain, pelvic floor disorder, foot pain and knee pain. 

Neurokinetic Therapy ™ – as a NKT practitioner I am trained to do complex muscle testing, gait analysis, and find fast and effective ways to restore motor control. NKT is that sniper gun we need when one hip keeps hiking up, a lunge hurts, your abdominals don’t activate when you get out of bed or chronic pain has become “something normal”. NKT is the therapeutic modality that has PTs, chiropractors, and doctors excited, because it helps them navigate the complex jungle of pain and dysfunction. 

Restorative Breathing ™ – a gentle way to connect breath with movement and help with stress, anxiety, post trauma recovery, this modality has helped many of my clients find peace, balance and confidence. Optimal breath also means better sleep, recovery and ability to handle daily challenges of life.

Functional Movement Systems – the FMS screen is used to analyze large movement pattern disorders and to design correctives that are perfect for athletes or very active individuals. Great for those who want to avoid injury in their sport! Many young athletes have benefited greatly from using the FMS alongside their off season preparation for sports.

Primal Move / Ground Force Method ™ – this play system originated in Hungary and is spreading around the world fast! I use it a lot to get both kids and adults to move in a way that is full of life and joy. Rolling, crawling and other developmental movements help the body re-learn how to move with ease and help with cognitive decline and challenges.

ROCKTAPE FMT Certified – using tape to support efficient movement is one of the gentle ways to integrate new movement patterns when you leave my office. A strip of tape placed in a particular way to guide your brain and body to keep practicing the new movement can speed up learning and alleviate discomfort in a way you can feel right away.

NSCA – CPT – I maintain my degree as a personal trainer with the National Strength and Conditioning Association as the highest standard of education for personal trainers worldwide. That allows me to stay current on the skills of training, but also helps me consult with your fitness professionals about the best program to support your goals.

I am continually deepening my experience and knowledge through participating in workshops and education events and clinics. There are many modalities and principles I am continually learning, which don’t always end up in pursuing certification. Such are DNS and PRI, the knowledge and practice of which has greatly enriched my personal and professional practice and which I am continuing to learn.

What’s next for me? 2017 marks the start of my NARM training – a model of working with early trauma that can influence how your body copes with stress and disease later in life. Keep your fingers crossed for me! This is a big one!


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