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A interview with Dr Kevin Pecca

As many of you know, we podcast regularly on our coaching website over at EatMoveLive52. In a recent interview with Dr Kevin Pecca, the roles were reversed – I was in the interviewee seat. Much to my joy, Dr Kevin was a great host, curious, open and inquisitive about subjects I hadn’t thought about in years.

You can listen to the interview here or grab it on iTunes!

Here is the start of the interview, I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Please welcome, Galina.

Hi. It’s so good to be your guest.

I’m so excited. You have such an interesting life story and just a true healer in every sense of the word. I am just very excited for this podcast.

Thank you. Me as well. I’ve been looking forward to it.

Galina, where are you from?

I’m originally from Bulgaria, which is in Eastern Europe. No one knows where that is. If you imagine Greece, because everybody knows where Greece is, Bulgaria is right on top of it. It’s like a hat on top of Greece.

It must be absolutely beautiful over there then.

It is fabulous. It is a very small country, but we have such a variety of nature, really tall Alpine mountains, like Switzerland does. We also have the Black Sea Coast, which is just beautiful and warm, unlike the Pacific Ocean. You can go in and actually be very comfortable without a wet suit. It’s just such a great variety of being close to nature, people in Eastern Europe live very close to nature. It’s just been such a great place to grow and develop. It’s also been a very challenging place.

Why is that?

I grew up in communism. For people of my generation and younger in the States, that’s a very vague thing. For me, it’s reality. That’s how we grew up.

What was that like, growing up in a communist society?

When you’re a kid, you’re a kid and life is normal. You have your mom, your dad and your extended family, and everything’s cool. You look forward to your birthdays. I was ten when communism went away. I have become increasingly aware of the fear that was in society at all times and the very difficult trying to make yourself small and keep yourself small to fit a model of society that was very much artificial and not very humanistic. Also, being very careful not to ruffle any feathers and not to shine in any way, like the opposite of what Western kids are taught.



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What is Restorative Exercise™?

I met Katy Strahan a few months ago when she called me for a consultation. We had a really long phone conversation and I was amazed to find that we had a lot in common -our adoption of ancestral diets, love for fermented foods, a drive to achieve better movement quality, a desire to educate people about their full  life potential! Working with Kathy was an amazing experience, because she lost her eyesight when she was only 2 years old. Now 50 years later, she is extremely active, has an online following of thousands of people who want to live a healthy life and is a daily inspiration to all of us who like to see that a life with limits can be lived limitlessly!

Kathy interviewed me about my work and was kind to share the recording with me.  I think this audio is a great way to get introduced to Restorative Exercise ™.  I share why whole body movement is important, how to make time for it and how exercise may not be enough for health and longevity! Enjoy!