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A month of summits

May = summits. This month I am a guest on not one, but two amazing summits. What are the chances? I am honored and grateful to be invited to speak and meet listeners and viewers from all over the world!

A summit for mommas

Starting tomorrow, May 16, the lovely Ray Ann Chi is replaying her momma summit for three days!

Click here to catch up on my talk and many other lovely speakers helping moms feel great through nourishing food, inspiring movement and building a healthy lifestyle. I’ll be talking about my work and how our bodies carry memories, and need us to hold them in care and compassion through all we do! Listen here!

A free online event for embodied movement lovers


We all love to move. It’s innate, intrinsic to life. Just watch kids play!

How many of us, as adults, move with as much joy, curiosity, and as engaged with life as we did as kids?

Modern movement science is reshaping our understanding of the primacy of movement for a happy and healthy human existence. It’s changing the way we think about fitness, exercise and overall wellness.

Our modern world, with all it’s conveniences, is significantly lacking in movement. Plus, the patterns so many of us are practicing ~sitting, driving, on our phones or computers~ are having their effects.

Neck pain, back pain, foot pain, joint pain & more are all too common. Repetitive strain injuries are popping up everywhere: from too much time on keyboards, to biking, running, and even from too much yoga! These –and even other physiological issues underneath– can be helped by looking at movement nutrition, the overall combination of all our daily movement. Think of it like a diet- we want a variety of the good stuff!

I’m pleased to be part of this growing conversation in my own work, and as a speaker in an upcoming online even called Movement as Medicine. I’d love for you to join me in this unique gathering!

Movement as Medicine is scheduled for release May 21-31, 2018, but go ahead and sign up now!