Do you remember a time when movement was carefree, enjoyable and didn’t feel like ”work” or ”exercise”? Do you remember your body naturally allowing you to squat and tie your shoes or being able to wake up refreshed with no aches and pains? You may think that losing the ability to move free and with joy is a part of aging, but in fact it is a result of your habits, culture and daily activities. Restorative Exercise ™ can help get your body in optimal alignment so you can move better and live well! Our work will answer many of your questions:

Galina Denzel spinal alignment workshopWhat kind of exercise should you do for heart health?

Can you slow down and reverse osteoporosis?

What’s the best way to stand, sit and walk?

How to get back to favorite exercise after injury?

How do you safely lose weight?

Are your habits making your back ache?

Is there safe exercise during pregnancy?

Why do your feet ache?

Maybe you just saw your question. Or you have another. You can           benefit tremendously from finding exactly what your body needs,   learning to do the right kind of movement and understanding how your body works.

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If you don’t live in Orange County, California, we can still work together.

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