What is Restorative Exercise™?

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I met Katy Strahan a few months ago when she called me for a consultation. We had a really long phone conversation and I was amazed to find that we had a lot in common -our adoption of ancestral diets, love for fermented foods, a drive to achieve better movement quality, a desire to educate people about their full  life potential! Working with Kathy was an amazing experience, because she lost her eyesight when she was only 2 years old. Now 50 years later, she is extremely active, has an online following of thousands of people who want to live a healthy life and is a daily inspiration to all of us who like to see that a life with limits can be lived limitlessly!

Kathy interviewed me about my work and was kind to share the recording with me.  I think this audio is a great way to get introduced to Restorative Exercise ™.  I share why whole body movement is important, how to make time for it and how exercise may not be enough for health and longevity! Enjoy!

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