A quick announcement on a new workshop series


Can you believe it’s almost December? With two months left before the beginning of the New Year, most people are shopping around for personal trainers, weight loss programs, or if they are not, they are waiting for January to kick them into action so they pick up their exercise program and start eating well again.

When it comes to weight loss and maintaining optimal weight, people use all sorts of tools and tricks to keep their metabolism up – from intense exercise a few times a week to using special foods and supplements to keep their inner ”furnace” going.

Yet, day in and day out, many are frustrated that they don’t get results or that they feel stuck no matter what they do.

I daily talk to clients about how the choices they make in using their body in daily life can have a powerful effect on their metabolic rate.  Choosing specific positions, postures, developing tension habits, or employing certain exercise techniques can actually be standing in the way of optimizing their metabolism.

A couple of my clients suggested that I present this information and teach it more in depth – and my favorite way to do that is in group format. Beginning Nov 20, you will spend the month before Christmas educating yourself on the power of whole body alignment and how you can use it to power up your weight loss plan or to maintain optimal metabolic levels.

There is no better time to educate yourself about the power of movement. There are simple adjustments to your daily activities and they way you connect with your body that can make a huge difference if your goal is to shed some weight or simply to fit in a favorite pair of jeans.

To learn more about this event please read the flyer here!

Thank you, and move well!


2 thoughts on “A quick announcement on a new workshop series

  1. Thank you! I really look forward to it!

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