”When will IT get better?”

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”When will X get better?” is a question I get every day.

In fact someone recently asked me ”What is your guarantee on my efforts?”.

All I can say is that if you follow any program of restoring your body to better health, whether it’s through using nutrition, meditation, or exercise, you will do work, analyze results, modify the work, analyze the results some more, modify the work some more, and eventually enjoy the journey of being better while you are on the way where IT GETS better.


For some people IT gets better right away, for others IT takes longer. When you are restoring health you adopt new habits, say goodbye to old habits, get rid of what’s unnecessary and cultivate what IS necessary.

If IT is your low back pain, but you are still sitting 12 hours a day and have not modified your behavior at work, there is no amount of stretching and correctives that will help IT get better as if by waving a magic wand.

Every day that you are investing in your health, improving your movement quality, paying attention to tensions, patterns and habits, every day that you have willed a fuller quality of life for yourself is a day on the road of IT being better. What is great about this journey is that you are already improving. Time and time alone allow the change to manifest and your health to shine through again. In the meantime, don’t ask, IT is already better.

move well:


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